You shall recognize them by their fruits, teaches Jesus Christ, and we should remember this admonition when we value therapies, especially a contested therapy like mental healing. Meanwhile hundreds of methods exist, mostly with questionable and never proved benefit. How many are of use to really allay severe diseases and pain, after the traditional medicine has reached borders.

It is very important for the IAWG to document carefully how successful their students and graduates are with the methods imparted to them. Therefore we ask students and/or patients to fill out a questionnaire about the most important medical details of the concerning case.

The most impressive healing successes shall be published in a series with the title "Healing is possible", the first was published in 2010. We hope this book will encourage many despairing patients whom the traditional medicine could not help, and convince of course many talented healers who want to develop their abilities under competent guidance of the qualified IAWG education.

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