• Academy of Sciences - Sofia

    Prof. Drossinakis was admitted to the Academy of Sciences in Sofia, to the Interdisciplinary Thematic Group on the Study of Activated Water on 21.1.2021.

Commentary by Ass. Prof. Georgi Gluhchev Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Christos Drossinakis is a well-known bio-therapist who has proven his abilities in over 80 institutes and health centers in Europe. He has visited the Russian Ministry of Health where experiments were conducted with him.

The healing method he developed has helped many suffering people, with a wide variety of diseases to feel better, and through his attention, to experience relief. The bio-influence is based on infrared heat radiation and electromagnetic fields. This is done directly through the hands or mentally at a distance of more than 1000km. The measurements have shown an increase of energy at the target site, which leads to a redistribution of ions at the molecular level. In such a case, it is assumed that the water structure inside and outside the cell changes, affecting the metabolic process.

The experiments with direct influence of bio-electromagnetic waves of Drossinakis on hermetically sealed water bottles of Prof. A. Antonov, supported this assumption. A positive effect was registered in the analysis of energy spectra. The increase of the activity peak is connected with the concentration between the free molecules and the molecules connected with the hydrogen bonds, as for example the bio-influence in the giving ( give-mode) and taking (take-mode) of energy in water is based on it.

(Research by Prof. Ignatov, Prof. Antonov, Ing. Galabova 1998).
The water energized in this way retains these properties for a long time.

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