Duration and Fees

The training includes 6 – 8 weekends in Frankfurt am Main as well as a one-week intensive-course on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

The charge for the course in a one-year training «Geprüfter Heiler IAWG» («Licensed Healer of IAWG») amounts to 2.850,-­ Euros and can be paid through money transfer in one of the ways below:

  • before start of training (5% reduction)
  • in four installments of 712,50 Euros
  • in 12 monthly installments of 237,50 Euros.

Incurring expenditures of travel, accommodation and alimentation are to be taken care of by the participants themselves.

Christos Drossinakis - Heilerschule

IAWG Training for Healers 2019

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