Intensive-Week in Greece

The training is including one week of intensive training on a magnificent Greek island in the Aege-an Sea.

Spacious rooms, in the midst of an incredible scenery of nature, create a wonderful setting for getting closer to the secret of mental healing.
The students of the course stay in the surrounding boarding houses.

Only a few paces away: the beach in front of the training center, here in the setting sun.

About the first Intensive-Week 2007 the accompanying journalist Bettina Peters wrote the follow-ing article (extract from the press report) , which was published in the magazine "Magazin2000plus":

Learning how to heal under the sun of Greece24 participants from eleven countries accompanied the mental healer Christos Drossinakis between the 8th and 16th of September this year within the scope of a one-year healer’s training for the first time during an Intensive-Week on the Greek island Evia.

Since over thirty years Christos Drossinakis is counted as one of the most respected and successful healers worldwide. Especially in a time, when learning how to heal is getting more and more popular in the esoteric scene, the charismatic man from Frankfurt of Greek origin appears as an exception

Christos Drossinakis - Intensivwoche Griechenland


Securing of quality through scientific Re-checkMental healing has to be placed on a scientific foundation, this is what Drossinakis has been demanding for a long time. Only thus the chaff can be separated from the wheat and finally arrive at a universal recognition in medicine and the public. Worldwide therefore, the mental healer submits again and again to the most different kinds of examinations through medical doctors and sc-entists. The results are always impressive, the experts fascinated.

At the end of 2006 Drossinakis founded the International Academy for Scientific Mental Healing (IAWG) in his hometown, the district Frankfurt Hoechst. The aims of the academy are multiple: It is intended to advance the exploration of mental healing by means of scientific studies and intensify the contact between the sciences of different depart-ments. The aim is to make energetic healing measurable and repeatable, the healer explains. The comprehensive information of the public through seminaries, lectures and other public functions is a matter dear to his heart: We still have to do much work regarding correct information.


Days filled with learning in inspiring surroundings
Already for half a year the students of the IAWG had been able to get first knowledge and skills during their monthly training courses in Frankfurt. On September 8th, the 24 participants together with the mental healer Christos Drossinakis finally started for the Greek island Evia. In the bright sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere, skills earlier acquired got intensified and numerous further focal points of mental healing were studied.

During exercises alone or with a partner, techniques in charging of objects as well as contact –and telepathic transmission and the activation of self-healing powers were trained and more refined. Meditative exercises, reflections and the experiences and perceptions of the students as well as sufficient space for the clearing of all arising questions were here of the greatest importance. Furthermore the relation to practice in all the exercises stood always in the center. Drossinakis explained the chances and difficulties of the techniques in question and their meaning for the trea-ment of ill people.

But also the well – being of the would - be healers was cared for. Between the training periods in the morning and at late afternoons these had sufficient time for joint activities and a refreshing bath in the sea right in front of the door.

Christos Drossinakis - Intensivwoche Griechenland

Drossinakis during a seminar, with the Bulgarian physician Dr. Ignatov and assistant Andrea Peters

Christos Drossinakis - Intensivwoche Griechenland

Drossinakis answers questions of students during a seminar

The comprehensive program of the Intensive–Week
Number one on the agenda was the building up of protection with the help of one’s own aura, which has to protect the healer from negative influences. Only in this way he can maintain his own health and in the long run can treat other people successfully. The building up of protection was therefore of an enormous importance in mental healing, and was the beginning of each single exercise being practiced in the academy of Frankfurt, emphasized Christos Drossinakis.
A further point in the agenda was the charging of amulets or otherwise organic objects. After a theoretical introduction the students practiced under the expert supervision by the leader of the academy the charging of collected sea shells. At the instance of these simple objects the partici-pants got an experience, how the healer is able to store his energy measurably in the most different objects. These represent now an important tool in the treatment of diseased people.
They gradually release the stored energy and they are an important link between patient and healer, even during separation in space.
In succeeding training units the students practiced concentration on their hands. During common exercises they transmitted through their hands energy to their respective partners. But also the distance transmission, which means the transmission of energy without any direct contact be-tween the healer and the object or the individual to be influenced was an essential part of the intensive work in the native place of Drossinakis.

Drossinakis‘ students convince through scientific Tests
That the mental healer of Frankfurt is on the right path with his concept of the International Acad-emy for Scientific Mental Healing has been proved by the excellent results of his pupils in the sci-entific tests performed by renowned experts. Already in Frankfurt the participants in a Thermog-raphie examination by Dr. Schlebusch and other tests through the Institute of Biophysics by Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp had been able to book outstanding successes.
During the Intensive- Week in Greece, two further examinations followed , carried out by the re-puted physician Prof. Dr. Ignatov from the Scientific Research Center for Medical Biophysics. Dr. Ignatov has been doing research in the field of mental healing already for more than 20 years and and has been performing scientific tests with more than 500 healers during this time. The close cooperation with the academy in Frankfurt is here by no means accidental. The scientist is most impressed by the abilities and performances of the experienced healer. During the 20 years of intensive research by Dr. Ignatov , all in all 48 persons have reached excellent results. Of these, besides Drossinakis himself, ten persons are his students.

Even so during the tests on the island Evia, Ignatov’s great confidence in the healer of Frankfurt was confirmed. Through the evaluation of the aura of the students by the technique of the Kirlian-photography ( see the pictures below of students) as well as through a spectral analysis of ener-getically modified water in "give und take mode" the students convinced again and underlined in this way the efficacy of Drossinakis’ applied method. The scientist as well as the would - be healers were enthusiastic about the extraordinary performance standard of the participants. Therefore Dr. Ignatov was particular about handing over in person the documents certifying the successful test on the following training date in Frankfurt.

Christos Drossinakis - Intensivwoche Griechenland

Back home
After the completion of the work- intensive week in Greece, now the students have arrived back at their respective home towns. There they are at the moment busy proving their abilities of dis-tance treatment in a distance healing test . They are asked to energetically modify a water sample kept at the Institute of Dr. Ignatov in Sofia. As the human body consists of ca. 80% water, it be-comes possible within the scope of the evaluation of this scientific test, to draw conclusions in respect of influencing the human organism.

Further examinations also in respect of the ability of each healer to activate the self-healing pow-ers , necessary for life , will follow in the next weeks and months. After a total of one year, the Basic training at the International Academy for scientific Mental Healing at Frankfurt will conclude. The pupils are permitted after a successful training to carry the title "Licensed Healer of the IAWG".

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