Healing Session


Healing Sessions with Christos Drossinakis for activating your own self healing power of your bioenergetic systems.

Contact healing
at the praxis of the IAWG in Germany, or at the IZWG in Austria

Remote healing
You are at home, on a journey or at the hospital. The healing energy will be sent thru mental healing to you.

Please get in contact with Christos Drossinakis at 0049/69 30 4177 or for Austria at 0043/664/460 76 54 to speak with Bettina Haller.

Praxis of IAWG, Königsteiner Str. 61a, D-65929 Frankfurt, Germany
Praxis of IZWG, Hauptplatz 44, A-2293 Marchegg, Austria
For additional places and opportunities have a look at Events.

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