Scientific Control

Christos Drossinakis proved his outstanding abilities as healer in about 110 studies since 1990 (look also, column tests and experiments) – forty of them top secret. Hereby he became acquainted with the worldwide leading researchers in the domain of bioenergetical medicine. These contacts are now a benefit for his students: Renowned scientists from Germany and abroad come to Drossinakis’ institute in Frankfurt where they use fascinating new procedures of measuring in order to control the progress of the students during the education. The results are examined and individually certified for each student.

The invited scientists were astonished that extraordinary biophysical effects could be measured at many of Drossinakis’ students already after a few months of education.

The following methods have been used so far in Drossinakis’ healer school:

  • the Regulation diagnosis according Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp
  • Thermographic measurements according Klaus-Peter Schlebusch
  • the DNES-method according Professor Dr. Anton S. Antonov and Dr. Ignat Ignatov
  • an advanced Kirlian-technique, the SHFD-method according Dr. Ignat Ignatov
  • the Colour spectral analysis according Dr. Ignat Ignatov, further test method based on the Kirlian-technique
  • the Differential method to find the change of the structure of water under mental influence, developed by the central laboratory of the russian ministry of health under the guidance of Professor Dr. S. V. Zenin
  • a method to find Psycho-kinetical influences of generators of white interference according Professor Dr. Andrej G. Lee
  • the Imago-Aurum-method by Ludwig Bitter
  • the Water Test by Dr. Ignat Ignatov and Professor Dr. Anton S. Antonov
  • the GDV technique (Gas Discharge Visualization) by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

We plan the use of further measuring instruments developed by physicists and doctors of the Russian academy of sciences which are widely unknown in western countries.

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