The Concept Of Training

«To learn Healing» is getting more and more popular in the esoteric scene. Meantime hundreds of schools are competing for aspirants to be trained. But how many are worth their money? With Christos Drossinakis, one of the most successful, esteemed healers of our time – and scientifically most tested at all – has finally decided to pass on his unique knowledge and skill.

In this he is supported by internationally recognized scientists of the <<International Academy for Scientific Healing>> (IAWG), which he has called into life 2006. His extraordinary, innovative concept offers you in a  training, parallel to your profession

  • The more than 30 years of practice experience of a charismatic healer of world renown
  • A program of training, which is based on the recommendations of leading border scientists – many of them will contribute to your training as guest lecturers
  • Methods of healing, the stunning efficiency of which has been tested and confirmed re-peatedly in scientific studies
  • A scientific control of the training success through bio-energetic measurements in coopera-tion with   research institutes, at home and abroad
  • A training week in Drossinakis’ Greek native place

The training takes place in moderate group sizes, so that intensive working  is possible.  Each par-ticipant is individually cared for and supported by Drossinakis.

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