After having successfully completed the training, you will receive from the “International Academy for Scientific Mental Healing” (IAWG)

  • Attestations about your results of the scientific tests, which you have participated in (see Sample 1 of a Test Attestation and Sample 2 of a Test Attestation)
  • a Certificate, which gives you the right in future to carry the title «Geprüfte/r Heiler/in IAWG» («Licensed Healer of IAWG») (see Sample Certificate

The Certificate will be handed over to you during a joint Final Celebration. More than 95 % of all students, who had participated in the first two training cycles 2007 and 2008, attained the graduation "Geprüfte/r Heiler/in IAWG" ("Licensed Healer of IAWG"). Some few students completed with an attestation of participation, since they had not taken part in the scientific tests.

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