Regulation diagnosis


The regulation diagnosis according to Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, with measuring the electrical rheostat of the skin, is carried out by Popp’s son and assistant Alexander. He explains that diseases are always disturbances of a superordinated regulation system which is being researched successfully by the bio-photonic. This has been essentially comprehended.

Christos Drossinakis - Wissenschaftliche Kontrolle - Regulationsdiagnostik

A first important practical permutation of the medical biophotonic is a method of diagnosis using the fact that the ideal order of a ideally healthy organism leads to divergent physiological valence like the rheostat of the skin. When the order is diminishing more and more the frequency of certain rheostats of the skin changes. The breakdown of the regulation leads to a mere accidental allotment of the rheostat. This way the regulation of a patient can be recognized and analysed with sufficient measurements of the skin rheostat.

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